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A first‐of‐its‐kind fiberglass recycling and green‐product manufacturing company.

A journey to recycle thousands of blades begins with a single blade.

Global Fiberglass Recycling Solutions

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At GLOBAL FIBERGLASS SOLUTIONS, we have brought the long-awaited breakthrough in fiberglass recycling and sustainable product manufacturing. Our mission is to assist wind energy and various other industries in avoiding landfill waste, fostering customer trust, and achieving true sustainability.

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Industrial Fiberglass Recycling at Its Finest

At GFS, we specialize in dismantling, transporting, and recycling large-scale fiberglass materials, ranging from wind turbine blades to marine craft and beyond, utilizing our one-of-a-kind recycling process. Our innovative SourceTracker® software ensures complete transparency and verification of your waste stream at each stage.

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Recycled Fiberglass Products

Once the fiberglass has been processed into raw material, we take pride in creating versatile and customized products, including composite panels, railroad ties, plastic composites, and more. For your convenience, we offer bulk orders of fibers or our EcoPoly pellets, empowering you to produce your own sustainable products.

Leave Landfills and Incineration in the Past

Gone are the days when fiberglass waste had only two detrimental disposal options: landfill or incineration. These choices not only harm the environment but also tarnish the reputation of clean energy companies striving for sustainability. With increasing fees, regulations, and customer demands for accountability, retired fiberglass has become a global issue.

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A Sustainable Solution for a Better Future

GFS was founded in 2009 to find a better way forward. After years of groundbreaking development, we now offer a sustainable recycling process that provides fiberglass composite materials with a second life, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Why Choose GFS?

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Protect Your Reputation

Maintain a strong and accountable sustainability record while earning customer trust.

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Leave Landfills Behind

Embrace our zero-waste process and avoid escalating tipping fees and negative environmental legacies.

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Gain a Competitive Edge

Differentiate yourself from competitors by implementing an advanced and verifiable disposal system.

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Reduce Risk

Safeguard against potential future regulations and liabilities associated with landfilling or incineration.

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Cost-Neutral Solution

Explore the potential for tax and carbon credits, along with better financing rates through GFS recycling.

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Join the Global Leadership

Become a partner at the forefront of the sustainability movement and support the circular economy.

Revolutionary Impact


of a wind blade can be recycled by GFS


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fiberglass waste one company can produce in a year


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Material Science

Through our patented processes, we bring true fiberglass recycling to the marketplace, ensuring a sustainable future.

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Zero-Waste Solution

Rest assured that all fiberglass components are recycled, adhering to the highest standards of environmental protection.

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SourceTracker® Technology

Our GPS-enabled tracking software provides real-time verification of your material's journey, guaranteeing transparency and accountability.

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EcoPoly Products

Our strong and versatile fiberglass products rival those made from virgin materials, offering sustainable alternatives.

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Advanced Expertise

Benefit from over a decade of materials science development and recycling innovation, positioning your company at the forefront of sustainable practices.

Choose GLOBAL FIBERGLASS SOLUTIONS for a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future. Contact us today to join the recycling revolution.

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