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Improving the Processability and Performance of Refined Micronized Wind Turbine Fibers into highly refined glass fibers that can increase the efficiency of curing compounded pellets with improved higher compression and higher structural properties, demonstrating 4xs higher stiffness and 2xs higher strength that can support and impact pellet load process. GFS fibers are specifically for industrial applications.


GFS material is 100% recycled


Can compete and beat many fillers on the current market


Can be molded into intricate parts with little or no parameter adjustments

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Fillers in Customized Compounded Applications

Recycled wind blade granules and flours are made from our patented formulations using wind blade waste. The fillers we produced have different sizes and shapes as inorganic materials with better strength and stiffness in quality of the customized material. Our customized solution will help lower the cost of the amount of plastics used, help property changes, and can be used in multiple compounding applications.