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Global Fiberglass Solutions provides Particle Size Reduction and fines Classification to a range of compound stakeholders in need of a center of excellence for their product development and/or commercial manufacturing. Global Fiberglass Solutions has unmatched expertise in developing milling and micronization processes with a diverse range of material sizing with unique physical property challenges.


  • Sustainable Solution from industrial fiberglass waste.
  • We produce high-quality and cost-effective EcoPoly products that can compete with virgin material products.
  • EcoPoly products offer superior strength and water sorption rate. When compared to wood-based composites, our products do not warp, corrode, or lose pigment, and can be customized for mass, weight, color, and shape as required by the end user.
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Decking - EcopolyDeck

50% Wind Turbine Blade

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Panels - EcoPloyPanels

94% Wind Turbine Blade

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Pallets - EcoPolyPallets

50% Wind Turbine Blade

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Our Manufacturing Customers Include:

  • Compounders
  • Resin
  • Construction
  • Flooring
  • Aerospace
  • Marine etc